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I followed the admin of so i think the greater world should start showing up in the federated timeline. Maybe we will see. This thing is quite confusing

Enjoying watching and riding Carries autocross event.

I've been working on a riddle while stuck on this meeting:

I entered this world pale,
white and naked.
But I've been scratched and scared by men and purposed.
Indexed, laid upon my brothers and sisters bound tight.
The men's charge we deliver,
to all witnessing us bare in the light.

seeing if this posts ok trying to find the best way to share pixel art animations on here

It feels like half of me learning old bomb the music industry songs is me trying to figure out what to do in the breaks where Jeff's Gameboy/synth tracks lay down a loud unabashed ear worm of a melody. Guess I got to work on my whistling and "la"s

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This dog is a power bottom.

I put days worth of work into writing an algorithm to take logos from a logo service and make them white versions of the logo with transparency so that they could be used with a dark theme. Then the client said they wanted the default color logo on a white background so it looks like garbage. ๐Ÿ˜‘

Totally not a ded game...

House update: pretty much everything but the oven hood and backsplash are done. Got to look for some contractors for both. Only took almost 4 months ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

But also the web client seems fine too on mobile.

If yall are looking for an android app Mastalab looks like a good one. I just installed it. Looks nice and seems to have the features you want.