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>> Instead of freaking out about how ‘small’ Gumroad actually is (like I thought they would), our creators have grown more loyal. It feels like we’re all in this together, trying to do earn a living doing what we love.

Soon, we will also open-source the whole product, WordPress-style. Anyone will be able to deploy their own version of Gumroad, make the changes they want, and sell the content they want, without us being the middle-man. <<

I use 7-11 depending. I recently incorporated a 7 port hub to make it easier to wire

Bluetooth adapter
Two ports for my keyboard
Mouse pad (MOAR RGB)

Regularly Plugged and Unplugged:
Drawing Tablet
Xbox Controller
MIDI Controller
WMR Headset

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I no longer have a twitter account from which to tell notch to shut the fuck up

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Don't live each day as if it were your last - live each day as curious and excited as if it were your first.

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I got Gerrymandered to hell. They made us vote with the district map that was deemed unconstitutional here in NC. At least my city seemed to have voted correctly.

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I'm curious what effect the removal of likes will have on Twitter's art community, because art posts usually get a ratio of like 50 replies, 1000 retweets and 8000 likes, so that's gonna be a lot of dopamine gone

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i feel like google plus shutting down and fucking over the people who used it for tabletop gaming is like the sequel to google wave shutting down and fucking over the people who used it for tabletop gaming

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Megan just said Halo is my Harry Potter and she is 100% correct.

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