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Megan and I have now finished Halo 2
Megan: "I just can't wait for the next one to leave this one behind. it was fine" we fucked up that ending

Pineapple Pepperoni Pizza is low-key the best pizza.

Megan and I just finished her first play through of Halo! "It was fun!" - Megan

it's raining so fennec has decided to stay in bed all day

yea.. but like I have a dentist appointment this morning so...



I went to college with nick and hung out occasionally. It bums me out he turned out to be like this. He always struck me as a bit arrogant but I did not expect the shit that happened.

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nick robinson retire into the fucking sun

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but the day after that is the goddamned weekend


Its taking discord far too long to market an enterprise version of their software. we use fucking skype at my company and god its awful. I wish we had something half as good as discord.

@jeff i just saw a BuzzFeed game stream and there were like 5 second gifs popping up on subscribes and stuff and it really felt tacky to me. But maybe I'm an old man when it comes to streams now. Im looking for that feeling of playing some games on my dorm room couch with friends more than I'm looking for someone to "entertain" me.

I was under the impression Light Roast actually had more caffeine due to the length of the roasting process breaking down the caffeine. But apparently thats generally untrue and bean for bean light and dark are the same. It has more to due with the density and size and how you measure. By the scoop light will likely have more caffeine while by the ounce dark will have more. Thanks for causing me to look this up haha.


I live in fear that the one other person who has a deep knowledge of this one app of ours is going to quit and I will be left in a hell of constantly being pinged for answers about an app I don't really remember that well. Its got real time data and some spaghetti


Demon Souls - you can see alot of the inception of Dark Souls in it but it stands on it's own as an amazing game.

BioShock - absolute classic fps

Castlevania Lord's of Shadow - actually quite good. alot of people didn't like it but I thought it was a great fusion of game genres

Saints row 3- best GTA game though honestly 2 is where the story starts to be good but 3 is an amazing open world sandbox.

condemned criminal origins

ok I'll stop there are too many

as I get older I find I want to create more. like my love of games and books and animated television is all so one sided. like I don't want to catch my big break or create a masterpiece, I just want to participate in the mediums that I love. I've dabbled in game dev but I never finish anything ive worked on. I tend to break down on asset generation. so I think I'm going to try to grind my lackluster art skills the next few months and try to finish a game prototype by the end of the year.

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