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it's raining so fennec has decided to stay in bed all day

yea.. but like I have a dentist appointment this morning so...

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nick robinson retire into the fucking sun

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"The invisible back-hand of the market"

as I get older I find I want to create more. like my love of games and books and animated television is all so one sided. like I don't want to catch my big break or create a masterpiece, I just want to participate in the mediums that I love. I've dabbled in game dev but I never finish anything ive worked on. I tend to break down on asset generation. so I think I'm going to try to grind my lackluster art skills the next few months and try to finish a game prototype by the end of the year.

Megan is playing Halo for the first time with me and man I love this first game.

*walk through spider web*
*ignore it and sit down in car*
*pull web off of my head*
*feel something on me or maybe more web*
*turn on car light*
voice of resignation: "Meg is there a spider on me?"
her: noo-
*biggest spider I've ever seen climbs off me into cup holder*
both: *screaming*

Um Nintendo have you given any of these ladies a leading roll in a game? The only one I can find is Super Princess Peach.

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shitty people will join mastodon. you can only rely on your instance to make it better.

if you wouldn't let the mods babysit your dog, i wouldn't join the instance.

Megan discovered last night after watching a short Buzzfeed Unsolved video, that we stayed at a hotel/casino on the block where Tupac was shot. She recognized the gas stations on the corner in the video and we were taken aback. Its just so weird to think about it not being marked or anything. Its still just a corner with 2 gas stations.

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Showerthought: SirActionslacks is the Chris Pratt of the Dota scene

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